"We had a very difficult situation with moving my mother who had become a hoarder in her later years. Dr. Meyerson was referred to us as someone who specialized in treating this problem. With her patience and knowledge, she and her team provided support and helped us sort things out so we could safely move Mom to an Assisted Living. We even sold the condo at a very good price."

-Marc S, NYC Bus Driver

 "Thank you for your hard work and attention to all the little details that we didn't even think of when we began this journey. Thanks for constantly communicating with us every step of the way. You and your team made this whole process go smoothly."

Andy S,  Corporate Attorney 

 "When we had to sell my parents' house in Boca Raton, my sister and I were worried about how we would make all the arrangements from Minnesota. The Trust Power, not only coordinated the entire move, they sold the property quickly at a good price! We couldn't have done it so easily without your help.

Thank you."

- Leslie G., Special Ed Supervisor 

 "Trust Power, it was a daunting and life changing event that you helped us through. We really appreciate all that you did to get the Condo sold. Your tenacity to keep us on track was admirable. We found everyone in your group to be extremely helpful and pleasant to work with."

- Dr Margret, Optometrist